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Have you ever wondered how you and your colleague think differently? Or, how you both can approach and execute the same project in a different way to achieve similar results? Earlier this week, our team participated in an Emergenetics team building workshop lead by one of the founders, Dr. Geil Browning. Talk about interesting stuff!

In case you are not familiar, Emergenetics is a brain-based psychometric assessment that highlights thinking and behavior. GFM team members Ramonna Tooley, Jim Licko and Barb Jones had all participated in the program during Leadership Denver with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Leadership Foundation. Ramonna was eager to get our entire team in the room to learn about it, and when the opportunity presented itself, she didn’t even think twice.

Most of the team didn’t know what to expect of the all-day off-site meeting. While some of us had anxiety about the “not knowing,” were freaked out when an agenda wasn’t presented at the beginning of the presentation, and were eager for the analytical part of the workshop to end so we could learn about our own profiles, one thing was clear – we were going to learn how to build upon our strengths, preferences and diversity to learn more about each other individually and as a team.

As I sit at my desk today and check the boxes off on my “typical” Jen Wills to do list, I am able to understand why I do some “quirky” things – my personal profile explains it all – and as my husband chuckled to himself while I shared my day and the specifics of my profile, I know he was thinking… “And your profile surprises you, why?”

Bottom line: I walked away with a greater appreciation of my strengths and perspectives, and most importantly those of my colleagues. GroundFloor Media wouldn’t be one of the Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work without the unique blend of each team member’s profile. We complement each other, and our clients, to ensure effectiveness in our business. Thanks to all of my colleagues for continually reminding me that it is important (and ok) to step outside of my analytical and structural box to have some spontaneous, laughable fun!

Looking forward to another great year at GFM!

~ Jen Wills

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