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The news cycle never sleeps, and the bar for what is considered “news” continues to be lowered. One negative article, blog or tweet can snowball, and company reputations that have taken years to build can crumble instantly.

Understanding this changing media landscape, where news can be contained in 140 characters or less, is half the battle. With this emerging dynamic in mind, GroundFloor Media launched a new issues management/crisis communications blog covering topics related to social media, news media, media training and reputation management. So far, we’ve taken a closer look at a variety of topics, including Toyota’s PR plan during the latest recall; Bank of America using Twitter to inform customers of an online outage; how to prevent and prepare your online reputation; and top PR blunders from 2010.

The new blog is the newest component in GroundFloor Media’s crisis communication and issues management service line. Our team’s seasoned professionals have extensive real-world, first-hand experience working with our clients to manage issues such as litigation (e.g., criminal, civil, class action, bankruptcy, etc.), layoffs, ethical and/or data breaches, customer satisfaction issues, internal communications concerns, social media attacks and blunders, natural disasters and school shootings, just to name a few. We also conduct media training, develop crisis plans and social media response plans, conduct table-top crisis simulations, and offer strategic counsel. Find out more.

~Gil Rudawsky

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