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In August our family patriarch passed away. Red (aka Reddrick von Poopenheimer III) was the classiest of dogs. A Hungarian Vizsla, Red was as close to a human as a dog could be. He could open the fridge on his own, sing a tune and give you the slyest of winks. He was woven into our lives like nothing else, and we miss him every day.

It’s in honor of Red and all the other GFM fur babies who bring so much love and slobber into our lives that we’re working to raise money for canine cancer research as part of GroundFloor Media’s Get Giving 10th Anniversary campaign.

Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign is helping scientists worldwide prevent, treat and, ultimately, cure cancer in dogs. We believe that, working together, we can one day cure canine cancer. Research funded through the campaign will help develop prevention strategies, test new treatments, establish tools for cancer researchers and train new scientists specializing in cancer research.

Please donate today to help us create a healthier tomorrow for dogs.

~ Ashley

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