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In a radio interview with Inside Communications with Mike Bako, Barb Jones, Senior Director of Communications at Ground Floor Media joined the program. She discussed the role of Public relations and its importance during a communication crisis or media scandal. She elaborated in her interview and article about the importance of going farther than strong public relations work to repair any damages.

In her article “Does Mexico Have a Branding Problem? Why it Takes More than PR to Rehab Reputation,” Barb discusses the difficulties Mexico is having with attracting tourists to the country. She states the issue of repairing a broken reputation and states “It’s common knowledge that an organization or individual’s reputation that is built over many years or a lifetime can be destroyed in an instant. Penn State is the most recent example” It goes on to show that many companies have been boughtout, changed names or just completely disappeared (i.e.Enron).

In her interview with Mike, she discusses what it will take to repair an image, especially with the the events surrounding the Penn State scandal, Mexico’s tourism issue, Costa Concordia cruise sinking and the events with Suzanne G. Komen and Planned Parenthood. She makes a case that “it takes months or years to rebuilt relationships with target audiences. Its building trust, its slow and painful, but you can’t ignore it.”

Read the full article here.

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