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It’s no secret that last week’s changes to Facebook brand pages are significant. From layout and design, to app development and the various options your brand has for interacting with its community – Timeline has a lot of people frustrated, to say the least. We’ve spent some time exploring the GroundFloor Media Timeline page, and wanted share some of the details, functionalities, new features and even potential opportunities that will come from Timeline for brand pages.

Cover Photos & Company History

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit a Timeline brand page is the giant Cover Photo that spans the entire top of the page. You might also note that a company’s “history” is not just limited to when it joined Facebook. You have the option to add details as far back as the company’s founding. Here are a couple of notes on both of those items:

· The Cover Photo does not allow for user interaction, other than commenting and “liking” the photo. Similarly, Facebook no longer allows brands to automatically redirect users to an app or interactive page as the first landing page. Both of these changes lead us to believe Facebook wants a little more control over its own platform, and puts priority on authentic and organic wall conversations.

· So which photo do you use for your Cover? Are there better ways to depict your brand through Timeline in these ways? Mashable recently listed 20 Facebook Page Cover Photos to Inspire Your Brand. It’s a solid list of big brands that are experimenting in this area.

· We really like the Timeline history functionality and the opportunities it offers to provide historical photos and tidbits of information that can really help your audiences connect with your brand on an even deeper level. Harley-Davidson, Nike and even the band Coldplay are utilizing the timeline in interesting and creative ways.

I’d be personally remiss if I didn’t mention Keystone Mountain & Resort in this post. From cover photos that update the amount of new snowfall in the past 24 hours to trail maps from opening day in 1970, Keystone is exploring some really cool ways to engage through Timeline.

Check back tomorrow for Part Two of this post which outlines updates to your brand’s wall, how you post and some handy new administrative offerings.

~ Jim Licko

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