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Friday officially kicked off our SXSWi experience in Austin. I’ve never been more thankful to have a “sophomore” SXSWi guide with me than I was yesterday—as we navigated through downpours and stared sympathetically at the people in the 2-3 hour lime to pick up badges (which Jim, thankfully, insisted we do Thursday night). SXSW keeps the “weird” in “keep Austin weird” so there are no shortages of updates to share with you today!

Nom nom: Gotta go with Stubb’s BBQ, an Austin classic. Family style meal with ribs, brisket, and smoked turkey, with fried okra were enjoyed by all. Underneath the restaurant are two live concert venues – one indoors, one out.. So cool.

Libations: “The First Growth” at the Driskill Hotel. Gin, pineapple juice and sage… Questionable name but very refreshing.

Celebrity-ish Sighting: Smokey Bear at the Smokey Bear tweet up. Note: this isn’t like it sounds—the tweet up was about creating a unique and memorable brand voice online.

Through the lens: Our Council of PR Firms colleage WCG created this very cool “SXSW Tracker” to keep tabs on trending conversations, hot spots and influencers. This photo was taken at 9:00 a.m., hence “breakfast tacos” being a popular topic of social conversation.

Grab Bag: Google+ representative subtly using “that other social network” in reference to Facebook. You stay classy, Google.

Number of steps taken: Jim & Alexis: 12,576 each.

Hours of sleep: Jim: 4.75. Alexis: 5.5.

Caffeinated beverages consumed: Jim: 4. Alexis: 3.

Number of connections made: 23 (and counting…)

~ Alexis Anderson

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