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Saturday started the usual way for us, you know, up at 4:30am to make sure we get a spot in line for tickets to the free Jay-Z concert Monday night…and I’m happy to report, we’ll be attending the AmEx Sync Show with Jay-Z on Monday night (you can follow along by checking out the American Express YouTube channel). No doubt, our list of favorites from Saturday are dominated by Jay-Z related info…

Our favorites from the first full day in Austin (Friday):

Nom nom: The bread pudding desert at Peche. They’re mainly known for their prohibition-style cocktails (see below), but the bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream was reminiscent of mom’s monkey bread – amazing…

Libations: After another day of rain, the temperatures warmed up a little, which was perfect for a Corpse Reviver #2 at Peche. Gin, lemon, Cointreau, Lillet Blac and absenthe – so light and refreshing that you’ve got to be really careful.

Celebrity-ish Sighting: Liz Gumbinner, publisher and editor-in-chief of, sporting a fedora and knee high boots at Pesche.

Through the lens: Jim and Alexis fairly excited about their free Jay-Z tickets at the ACL Live Moody Theater.

Grab Bag – Its amazing who you might meet while waiting in line in the rain at 5:20am. Behind us were two Starwood Hotel representatives and in front of us was Movember’s Director of Development. The result: pre-concert drinks with our “line buddies” on Monday. There’s always a way to network…

Free Stuff RulesThe other result of waiting in line was Jim scoring a travel mustache trimmer from our friends at Movember. You really can’t top that…

Number of steps taken: 16,432

Hours of sleep – Jim: 5.5. Alexis: 6.5.

Caffeinated beverages consumed: Jim: 6. Alexis: 4.

Number of connections made: We’re up to an even 40 people.

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