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It doesn’t matter if you have the most robust social media and web plan around if you are not measuring traffic, referrals, social sharing and trends. The AMEX Open Forum blog offers a helpful review this week of three analytics dashboards, ranging in price from just $10/month up to $500/month for an extremely comprehensive and dynamic tool.

Other helpful reads this week include an overview of features every blog should have installed and readily available to its readers, and a Pinterest infographic with some helpful insight into the best times to pin content based on user behavior patterns.


OpenForum: 3 slick analytics dashboards to monitor your business website
If you’re running a company website without an analytics dashboard, you may as well be stumbling around in the dark. Building a sustainable web presence in any industry is all about understanding the needs of your users and tailoring your service to fit those needs. How can you do that if you don’t even know what your users are looking at or how they got to your website?


Mashable: Facebook ad engagement down 8% in U.S.
Engagement with Facebook ads in the U.S. dropped eight percent between the final quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.


Ragan’s Healthcare News: 7 features every successful blog should have
A prominent subscribe button, category pages, and a thank you page are just a few ways to encourage visitors to show your blog some love.


Ragan’s Healthcare News: Best times to pin on Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]
Graphic provides tips for the best time of day and night to pin, and statistics on click thru rates based on the type of information shared.

Mashable: Brands on Pinterest: to $ or not to $. [STUDY]
Brands should be wary of attaching price tags to the products they pin on Pinterest, a new study from analytics startup Pinreach and Joshua Yang, a MBA candidate at Harvard Business School, indicates.

Social Media Policies/Training

QSR Web: Restaurants add multicultural training as minority populations grow
Although restaurants are in the headline, every company could benefit from reading this article about the importance of multicultural sensitivity training – particularly given the ability of social media to quickly spread negative situations.

~ GFM’s Social Media team

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