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Klout, a tool that measures a company’s influence on its social networks, is a platform we talk about a lot at GroundFloor Media, as we do see value in its influencer rankings as part of a comprehensive influencer evaluation program-just not the only tool. So we were excited to read more about the platform’s new brand pages (called Brand Squads) and we will be eagerly watching the results and feedback as they roll out more pages in the coming weeks-right now only Red Bull has launched in beta form.
The SmartBlog post below discusses how to deal with negative restaurant reviews online, but the post is really relevant to anyone who monitors what customers are saying about their product or service offering. We especially like the reminder to check what people are saying every day. It does take a little extra bandwidth, but by staying on top of conversations and online comments you give yourself a better chance to stay ahead of an impending crisis.
HubSpot Blog: Klout to launch brand pages: should marketers care?
Earlier this week, Klout announced its own version of brand pages — Brand “Squads.” Klout calls these pages a “way of giving influencers a place to be recognized and have a direct impact on the brands they care about most.”
SmartBlog: How to respond to negative customer reviews
The comments that customers leave on your review sites and social media pages are an opportunity to showcase the customer service your restaurant offers while gaining more loyal patrons. These reviews are important; 80% of people say they’re influenced by others regarding where to eat and 31% of your customers are leaving those reviews. Be aware of what others are saying about your brand – restaurant or otherwise – and you’ll build a loyal customer base.
AMEX Open Forum: Fighting for the young consumer’s attention
Do you want to reach younger American consumers? The challenge is that they switch between their media options so rapidly and reaching them is harder than you might think.
AMEX Open Forum: When to stop socializing and make the sale
In the social media environment, we’re all in danger of thinking too much about buzzwords like followers, engagement, re-tweets and likes. Sometimes we forget the important fundamentals, like actually facilitating the sale!
Ragan’s: 3 must-have Pinterest tools
Tools to help you schedule pins, find cool new content, see which pins your followers like best, and more.
Ragan’s: How to turn Facebook likes into tangible results
The true value of social media is not about how many fans and followers you have, but what you do with them. Many tend to forget the “marketing” in social media marketing, and think social media success is just about posting content and getting as many likes as possible. It’s not. Marketers need to go beyond just getting likes and create real engagement opportunities that keep their business top of mind with their customers. While an increased number of likes leads to a bigger audience, it’s only the first step in deriving real value from your investment in social media.
USA Today: More companies quit blogging, go with Facebook instead
With the emergence of social media, more companies are replacing blogs with nimbler tools requiring less time and resources, such as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

~ GFM’s Social Media team

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