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This week’s “What We’re Reading” is all about utility. It’s not just enough to have a social network where you can converse with your friends. Now, these online channels are coming out with much-needed extensions to their basic services to allow users to connect in much more visual ways, like Facebook’s new camera app and Google+’s push to engage photographers with their high quality image sharing app.
Will these apps take-off and find their way to the “Top Ten” lists of super users? Only time will tell, but here at GFM, any updates to photosharing tools is much appreciated as we head into summer vacations where lots of pics will be taken and shared with family and friends through our social networks.
Blogger Outreach
Social Media Explorer: 5 Ways To Measure Blog Outreach ROI
There’s a common perception that the ROI of blog outreach is hard to track, but in fact – it’s easier than many think. Here are five great strategies to measure blog outreach ROI and it starts with what GFM holds as a critical first step: setting upfront ROI goals.
Inside Facebook: Facebook to increase profile picture size for pages
Facebook increased the size of profile pictures for business and fan profiles. If your page has a distinct image for the profile photo, not much will change for your account, but page owners that incorporate the profile picture into the cover photo should be aware that the change could affect their designs.
The Verge: Facebook Camera for iPhone
As if Facebook hasn’t been in the news enough this past week, the company has also recently announced the new app, Facebook Camera for iPhone. The app is getting fantastic reviews and it’s not surprising why – we couldn’t be happier that there’s finally a simple way to take, tag and upload a huge batch of photos all at once (and not painfully one-by-one as it used to be).
Venture Beat: Google Wants to Be Your New Flickr
Google+ is now targeting photographers with its new iPhone app that allows for full-size images. One huge perk is that the lightbox showcasing images does not currently display distracting ads. Knowing that 96 percent of Google’s revenue comes from advertising, who knows how long this break from ads will last and if the app will finally give Google+ the leg-up it needs.
QR Codes
Ragan: QR Codes Help Commuters Find Dinnertime Recipes
We’re an office full of foodies with many of us constantly searching for the next great recipe. That’s why Allrecipes new campaign that uses QR code ads that people can scan with their phones to get recipes for dinner is making us ask, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Right now, the campaign is only running in LA, but we predict this could take off into other markets come summer.

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