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While last week’s What We’re Reading compilation was pretty focused and included a number of big announcements from the likes of Facebook and Google, this week’s roundup seems like more of a grab bag filled with “news you can use.”
From a tour of the newly redesigned Foursquare app to a reminder about the importance of regularly updating passwords (click here to see if your LinkedIn profile was hacked this week…), we hope you find our wrap-up to be useful. We’ve got tips to building your social media community, and some new research that shows QR codes may be on the rise. If you stop by LinkedIn to update your resume (see 9 hot skills below!), don’t forget to follow GFM while you’re there.
SmartBlog on Social Media: 7 Keys to Building Social Media Community
At GFM, we’re big advocates for bringing personality into your social media outlets, which makes us love this quote, “No one wants to hang out with a logo.” Read about this and other smart tips to apply to your social media channels in this helpful article.
SocialTimes: 9 Hot Skills That Are Trending on LinkedIn
Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’re already a social media power user, but when is the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile to reflect your skills? This article reminds us of the value of LinkedIn and shares some key phrases social media junkies are using to advertise their skills.
QR Codes
Digiday: Are QR Codes Undervalued?
It seems the jury is still out on whether QR codes are an effective marketing tool. But, new research shows 86% of marketers plan to use QR codes in 2012 and one QR code company reports a 157% increase in scans from a year ago. Could Coke, Taco Bell and HP be on to something? Read this article for more.
New York Times: A Tour of Foursquare’s Redesigned App
In an effort to better compete with Yelp and other similar apps, Foursquare announced a redesign of its popular app that now allows users to easily look up menus, get directions, call to make a reservation, or “Explore” options nearby. This article provides a good overview of the new offering.
Ishmael’s Corner: Visual Storytelling Makes Sense of Complexity
Infographics are certainly enjoying a heyday and in certain cases they’re a great option to put a complex story into a format that is easy to digest. Done well, an infographic can draw audiences that might otherwise shun your story in to learn more. This blog post provides a great example of a compelling infographic.
Password Security
Forbes: With LinkedIn and eHarmony Passwords Exposed, Make Sure You’re Not Using Same Password Elsewhere
A recent study shows 40% of people use the same password for every website, putting them at risk when events like this week’s password security breach with LinkedIn and eHarmony happen. This article provides a good reminder of the importance of “keeping your digital homes locked down.”

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