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Last week’s What We’re Reading focused on engagement, and this week we’ve got the research to back it up. From which words garner the most fan conversation and action on Facebook (hint – avoid “like” or “click”, but “chocolate” will get you everywhere!), to whose recommendation has the most influence on purchase decisions, there are a lot of good stats in the articles below that will help you shape your social media programs.
In one piece of “news you can use,” you might want to check your Facebook profile to see whether your preferred contact email has been replaced with an address. More details below. Have a great weekend!
CNNMoney: Facebook Changed Default Emails to
If you’re missing an email from someone who got your address from your Facebook profile, chances are they sent it to your new address. Didn’t know you had one? Neither did a lot of users. Read this article to learn about the new rollout from Facebook and how to switch back if you prefer. Words Including “Look” and “Watch” Don’t Engage Facebook Fans
Do your Facebook updates include words such as “like” or “click?” Turns out using these driving words repeatedly isn’t what gets fans to click through to your content. Words like chocolate, shop and wardrobe inspire click-throughs, and the research cited in this article proves posting photos is key to engagement success. 
OPENForum: How to Improve Your Twitter Engagement Rate
Is your brand is one of the 77 percent that considers Twitter a priority social platform? Then you should know that tweeting while people are busy (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) garners 30 percent more engagement, and any more than two hashtags and you’ve gone too far. Read this article for more insights!
OPENForum: Whose Recommendation Has the Most Influence on Customers?
A new survey shows that 81 percent of women “trust” Pinterest and blogs equally, but 61 percent say they actually purchased an item after it received a positive blog review (versus 47 percent who made a purchase based on a pin.) Read this post to learn more about the power of bloggers!
Social Campaigns
VentureBeat: This is Why You Never, Ever Start Campaigns on Friday
Most social marketing campaigns kick off on Fridays, but campaigns launched on Tuesdays get the most engagement, according to a new study. Read this article for smart campaign insights including what you can learn from colleagues, what works on YouTube, and best times to engage on various social platforms.
Mashable: 5 Ways Small Businesses Get Social Media Wrong
Social media is everywhere, and most businesses – regardless of size – are getting on board. This article outlines five common errors among small businesses trying to master social media. One of our favorites? You don’t have to keep up with the big brands. Read this article for more!

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