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In celebration of Beatles Day today (which marks the band’s triumphant return exactly 48 years ago from their US tour to Liverpool and is regarded as the day that began their rise to fame), we’ve rounded up some of our team’s favorite Beatles songs:

“Tomorrow Never Knows” — It was drum & bass music before drum & bass existed. 

“I’ve Just Seen a Face” — It was almost our first dance at our wedding, but it was way too fast for my husband and I to dance to!

“Let It Be” — Anytime I hear that song during a busy day, it always puts things in perspective.

“Yellow Submarine” — Because it makes me happy. ; )

“Two of Us” — It was the recessional at our wedding!

“All You Need Is Love” – It’s uplifting and a song of hope.

“Blackbird”– I sing it to my children.

“Let It Be”– The song is written incredibly well and signals the end of a Beatles era.

Looking for more? Here’s 100 of the greatest Beatles songs according to Rolling Stone that will keep you groovin’ until next year’s Beatles Day.

If you had to name just one, what would be YOUR favorite Beatles tune?

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