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For Lauren Cook’s final post from The Colorado Health Symposium “Health Equity: Bridging the Divides,” she explores how the health care industry is slowly learning what nature has known all along – that thinking in groups is clearly more effective, efficient and successful.

The session was best exemplified by the story of a teenage girl who walked into an integrative clinic to get her teeth cleaned. During her initial screening process, it was uncovered that the young woman was having suicidal tendencies because of problems at home with her mother. Through the team-based model, the young woman left the clinic with a better understanding of how to communicate with her family through strategies she learned through the clinic behaviorist. She also left with clean teeth and a longer-term plan for her mental health.

The Colorado Health Symposium ends today, but you can still watch live streams from the event, click here.

To read more of Lauren’s story,check out the Symposium’s blog.

~ Kristina

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