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One of the most effective ways to evaluate the success of your social media campaign is to measure engagement. This week we came across two articles to help in this arena – one focused on how to keep up with customer expectations, and one to help you evaluate how engaged with your audience you really are.

As mentioned above, measurement is key! This week we’ve uncovered a great list of the top ten web analytics tools, as reviewed by OPENForum. Finally, read more about the power of a 450-word blog post, and prepare to reveal your true identity on YouTube. We hope you find these articles helpful – and we wish you a fun and safe weekend!


SmartBlog on Social Media: How Can Businesses Keep up With Customer Expectations for Social Media Follow-Ups?

According to a SmartBrief poll, about 95% of respondents expect brands to react to social media mentions. For even the smallest of brands, responding to 95% of mentions could be quickly overwhelming. This blog provides some simple tips on prioritizing how to respond to comments, making this post worth the quick read. What’s Your Brand EQ? An Engagement Quotient Questionnaire for Business

Take this short, seven-question survey to learn more about how well you’re keeping your finger on the pulse of your audience. The questions will get you thinking, and the simple tips offered in the post will help you determine how to improve going forward!


OPENForum: The 10 Smartest Web Analytics Tools

In the never-ending quest to understand more about online audiences, there seems to be a growing list of tools to help in the process. This article narrows the field to ten of the top contenders. Ranging from free to paid options, there’s something for everyone in this useful post.

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SCORE Small Business Blog: 4 Surprising Facts About Social Media for Small Businesses

From 40% of users liking a Facebook page to get promotions and discounts to 450-word blog posts getting the most shares, this short and sweet blog post highlights four research-based facts that might apply to your approach to social media.


WIRED: YouTube Fights Horrible Commenters by Naming Names

As communicators, one of the most challenging issues we face with some social mediums is the ability for people to post anonymous comments. YouTube is hopeful to reduce the number of anonymous, potentially harmful posts by encouraging users to use their true identity by linking to their Google+ accounts.

~ GFM Social Media team

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