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Carissa McCabe, senior director of communications/digital strategist at GFM.

Garden cornucopia! Photo of vegetables picked from my garden and eaten for dinner last night.
When I was grocery shopping this weekend, I noticed how deliciously colorful my reusable grocery bags are! I should have bought some rainbow sherbet inspired by the bags.
One of my favorite gifts is the small replica of the Blue Bear I received from some friends at Denver Theaters and Arenas in thanks for some things I helped them with. I can’t even remember what I did to help – but I will never forget their special gift!
In another effort to be more “green,” I love using my clothes line in the summer. Not only is it good for the environment, but the laundry smells amazing!
Any parent of a little boy will understand the dinosaur photo. They are like little members of the family nowadays!

~ Carissa

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