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How we write to, search for and engage with REAL people and brands (not fake/spam accounts) shifts daily. Yet we always start with the same approach – preaching quality over quantity, and authenticity over scale. Allocate the majority of your time for social engagement on tailoring content and usability to make experiences seamless for your customers and loyal fans. It will pay off in the long run, every time. Many of this week’s articles carry that same overarching strategy.


PR Daily: How to write for Facebook
It’s easy to fall back into a predictable writing style for Facebook, especially if you draft multiple posts in advance. Don’t get stuck in that rut. Try new things and measure the response from fans. Keep it simple and ask fans to do one thing instead of many. A strong Facebook presence needs to continuously evolve while staying true to the brand voice and overarching social media communications goals. Facebook search will be better than Google (5% of the time)
Can Facebook’s predicted search offering topple Google? Probably not, but if it is even half as effective as experts believe it could be, it could become a swift moving powerhouse since hundreds of millions of us already kind of use Facebook for search as-is today.

Instagram McDonald’s sparks engagement online with Instagram
It’s hard to argue with how McDonald’s constantly shifts and grows with the social media evolution. Its current presence on Instagram is fairly small but by using the app to stylize pictures for its stronger platforms (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) it is seeing engagement skyrocket. Case in point – McDonald’s announced the return of the Shamrock Shake via a Instagram-enhanced picture on Twitter and watched it become one of the most retweeted and favorited pictures in the chain’s history.

Mobile Study: 45 million Americans used their mobile phones to shop in June
Retailers see an uptick in the number of smartphone owners who are willing to use apps to enhance their shopping experience. The iPad still reigns supreme when it comes to mobile web traffic but smartphone habits certainly underscore the importance of having a mobile website and/or app to improve your customers’ experience.

Bloggers and Influencers You Can Buy 1,000 Fake Followers for $18. That’s a Huge Problem for Twitter
Like some secret underground crime ring, “dealers” of fake Twitter accounts run rampant and this is creating a major problem for Twitter and advertisers who may spend ad dollars elsewhere if metrics cannot be confirmed. What does BlogHer’s social media influencer program mean for engaging women online?
The female-centric BlogHer network continues to flex its muscles with its nearly 3,000 strong blogger system. New social influencer campaigns will extend beyond just the blogs to allow influencers within and outside of the network to capitalize/monetize on the followings they have built across multiple networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Any bets on which major national brands hop on board first?

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