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The common theme in this week’s social media recap is your online identity. No longer can we create a fantastic homepage and a strong presence on a single social media network and call it a day. We must take into account every single possible brand discovery point, identify which audiences can be reached by each platform, and optimize it to a level that speaks to our audiences. After all, you know what they say about a chain and it’s weakest link…

Social Media

Fast Company: The 36 Rules Of Social Media
This great infographic from the September issue of Fast Company comes to us via Michael Litman’s blog. Learn it. Live it.

Forbes: Vermont’s Bold Social Media Experiment A Successful Gamble – And First For U.S.
Would you be willing to hand over your social properties to your fans for a day? If you answered no, you may want to ask yourself why… Worried about what they might say? You can correct that.


GroundFloor Blog: Facebook, Instagram Release Mobile App Updates, What Does It Mean For Your Brand?
One of GFM’s own blog posts walks you through the major feature changes you should be aware of with the recently updated Facebook and Instagram mobile applications. Your audience can visit you on the web in many different ways; make sure they are all properly optimized.

The Next Web: Mention Tagging Allows Insertion Of Facebook Friends Right Into The Text Fields Of Any Connected App
Another new Facebook mobile feature debuted this week that didn’t receive nearly the attention that it should have. It’s called Mention Tagging and it will allow you to mention your Facebook friends from other applications. Let’s say you’re getting a taco and want to check-in with Foursquare. Now, you can say “Great taco, Susie Smith would have loved it” and the mention will link to her Facebook profile and show in her activity feed. Why would that matter for your brand? More engagement from sites and platforms outside of Facebook. Now that taco eatery was seen by at least twice as many people as it would have before.

Social Media Examiner: 8 Tips For Using Facebook Scheduled Posts
Scheduled posts have been available in Facebook for a while, but many brands still haven’t taken advantage. This article gives some great advice on how to get started.


Fast Company: SEO Isn’t What You Think It Is
SEO may seem like a constantly evolving mystery, but at its heart it’s about helping your potential audience find your content. Changes by Google are forcing brands to “be a conversationalist, going where the people are and engaging them in discussion.”

Nieman Journalism Lab: Coming In The Side Door: The Value Of Homepages Is Shifting From Traffic-driver To Brand
Like nearly every other brand in the world, you probably put a ton of time, thought and money into your homepage. As SEO and social media continue to grow, more and more people are bypassing your homepage and going directly to the content they desire. Take a step back and look at all the pages of your website. Do they convey what you want them to for someone entering the site on that page?


Yelp Official Blog: Extreme Home(page) Makeover
Yelp recently launched a complete redesign of their web homepage with a focus on bringing photos, tips, check-ins and comments from your friends’ front and center. This change will put more power in the hands of users social circles and more pressure on businesses to deliver exceptional experiences.

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