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Sure, the iPhone 5 was announced this week and social media was atwitter. But plenty of other great stories made headlines as well. Read on for inspiring campaign ideas and blog case studies to invigorate your day-to-day social media content and help your teams think bigger for 2013 planning.


New York Times: Grey Poupon ups the ante on assuming an elite image
We all remember the 1980’s Grey Poupon commercials with the Rolls Royce and snooty English accent. Well, that sentiment is back with a 21st century twist via a Facebook app that analyzes fan pages for grammar, spelling and “tastes” to rank them accordingly. Furthermore, Grey Poupon is overhauling its website by rebuilding it on Pinterest. Both moves are interesting and timely changes that are truly rooted in the original creative concepts for the brand.


Ragan’s PR Daily: 40 of the best corporate blogs to inspire you
It never hurts to look outside of your industry to gather social media inspiration. This comprehensive roundup of blogs offers quick analysis of what makes these 40 the “ones to watch.”


Ragan’s PR Daily: 5 things to know about changes to LinkedIn’s company pages
Just a few major companies currently have access to the new layout features on LinkedIn company pages. But by year’s end, the rest of us should be able to capitalize on the enhancements, which include a Facebook cover-like image. It’s never too early to start planning to ensure brand consistency!


Ragan’s Health Care News: Text messaging helps to keep people healthy
Need to remind your target audience about something as important as immunizations? Consider information delivery and reminders via text message. A recent pilot program showed very positive results with this tactic among low-income parents.


GigaOm: Watch out Google, Facebook’s social search is coming
In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg’s comments about Facebook making the leap into social search “soon” raised a lot of eyebrows. Facebook may inherently be able to take search to an entirely new level—a provider of answers, not just links.


AdAge: In USA Today redesign, hope for a new canvas for web advertisers
A drastic overhaul of the website will make the site feel more “fluid, app-like.” Large, sweeping visuals and photos will drive the design and for digital advertising, they will have a “canvas” to work with, especially for full page digital ad buys.

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