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Good Taste

In the geeky world of social media branding and marketing we tend to get a rush of adrenaline and go a little crazy over well-executed campaigns. In the past week my inbox has been filled with links to creative executions but two totally have me crushing like a schoolgirl right now.

#1 – Grey Poupon. If you read our Weekly Reads last week, you will know that the GFM Digital Team was wowed by the Society of Good Taste Facebook app. The technology does a stellar job of compiling and condensing years worth of Facebook posts into a personalized short film and analysis that results in a score for your discerning taste and class. Adding prizes based on your score that feel similar to Klout Perks is also a brilliant touch. I scored in the 74th percentile (apparently I used too many “lol’s” in 2009) and scored a reusable tote with the slogan Prosecco Not Plastic.

#2 – Honest Toddler. From what we can find, this belly laugh-inducing Twitter and Facebook account is not tied to any brand or organization. But with tweets from a fictional toddler like, “Revealing photos of me are all over Facebook and Instagram so I know how Kate Middleton feels right now,” it can be enjoyed by more than just parents. There may also be a huge opportunity – within a small window of time – for savvy kids’ brands to interact in a relevant way. For example, wouldn’t it be great if a baby proofing brand offered some safety advice following this statement: “Found the highest place in the house and jumped. Didn’t stick the landing and I have no sense of smell anymore but WOW!”

Social media offers infinite possibilities for raising brand awareness, engaging with customers, responding to criticism, and the list goes on. But let’s not also forget that it can still be a place to have a lot of fun when the fun is approached with sound strategy and a healthy dose of common sense and sensitivity.

What other social media campaigns or stunts are you crushing on right now?

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