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This week we’ve been reading a lot about one of our favorite topics: social content. Whether it’s drafting a post that grabs your audience’s attention, or producing compelling imagery, social content, when done well, can connect audiences to your brand like no other marketing channel. But remember, you’ve also got to be “human” with your social media efforts.

Social Content

PR Daily: 5 Steps to Make Your Social Content Great
We all know that social media can’t, and shouldn’t be a “plug-and-play” channel for your communication efforts. Yet, it is nice to have some structure. We love the way this infographic highlights the important, strategic steps for creating impactful social content.

Photos, Photos, and More Photos

Wired: Google Just Bought Its Own Instagram
Earlier this week it was announced that Google purchased Nik Software, the company behind the photo filter-app Snapseed. While this might not be Earth shattering news to some, it continues to drive home an important point for brands: rich content, like creative photos and imagery, is where it’s at.

Twitter Case Studies

Ragan’s PR Daily: 40 Twitter Brand Accounts to Inspire Your Work
We love looking at case studies to help develop new ideas. Here are 40 Twitter brand accounts that we hope will inspire you. We particularly like the storytelling nature of The American Red Cross’ Twitter account.

Pinterest Analytics

Mashable: Six Pinterest Analytics Tools to Supercharge Your Influence
We love Pinterest, and we love helping our client’s brands come to life through great photos and videos while also driving web traffic. But how we measure our efforts on Pinterest is just as important. This article offers six solutions for the data-hungry side of your brain.

Transparency and “Fake” Posts

TechCrunch: 10-15% Of Brands’ Social Media Fans, Likes And Reviews Will Be Fake By 2014
We cannot say it enough: sorry, marketers, but social media is not a space for automated, plug-and-play messaging to consumers. It’s about interaction, conversations and creativity. And while this article paints a gloomy picture for social media over the next couple of years, we contest that those brands who are automating their efforts actually help highlight the success of social media strategies that are done well.

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