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Almost every headline in this week’s weekly reads contains a number. From 50 percent of fans and 140 characters to 8 key insights and 12 suggested tools – there’s clearly a number theme at play.

For most companies we’re at the end of the third quarter and headed into the start of the fourth – and last – quarter of the year. It’s time to start evaluating the year that’s (mostly) behind us and start planning for 2013, and the articles below will hopefully provide some social media inspiration as you begin that process.


HubSpot Blog: 50% of Facebook Fans Prefer Brand Pages to Company Websites [Infographic]
In a survey of 1,000 social media users, 87 percent revealed that they like company pages on Facebook and 75 percent said they feel more connected to the brand on Facebook. Would you believe 50 percent find a brand’s Facebook page more useful than its website? Click through for more insights!


SocialTimes: 4 Tips for Building a YouTube Audience From YouTube’s Head of Content Strategy
If your YouTube channel isn’t attracting the views you expect, read these four simple tips on how to build your YouTube audience. From being authentic to remembering to cross-promote your content, these tips will get your videos more views in no time!


The Wall Street Journal: 140 Characters of Risk: Some CEOs Fear Twitter
Whether your company’s CEO is on Twitter or not, this article is worth the read. From “celebrity” CEOs with hundreds of thousands of followers to those with just a few people tuned in, some of the issues business leaders face when they enter social media are the same.


The Next Web: LinkedIn Gets Its Own Version of Facebook Likes: Endorsements
On Monday, LinkedIn announced Endorsements, a new feature similar to a Facebook “like” which allows you to quickly endorse someone on the platform with a simple thumbs up. Endorsements launched in only four countries (U.S. included), but are expected to roll out to all locations eventually.


Forbes: 8 Key Insights from a Social Media Masterclass
This article confirms it – there is no silver bullet when it comes to social media measurement. That said, social media is among the most measurable of tools in our PR toolbox and capturing and analyzing metrics is critical. Read on for a eight point breakdown of social media metrics success.

Marketing Land: 12 Content Research Tools You Should Be Using
As the previous article suggests, with no silver bullet for measuring social media, most companies need to evaluate their activities and build a custom host of tools to help them track, measure and evaluate their efforts. This article lists a dozen research tools just waiting to be put to use!

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