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More platforms, more promotions, more content, more time. Overwhelmed yet? You are not alone. Companies today are swamped with the number of ways and locations that customers can discover and engage with their brands. This week’s social media recap reminds us that a clearly defined strategy is key, as is prioritization because it isn’t feasible for most brands to be everywhere at once. It is also critical to remember that your customers are people first, not a number in a marketing database. There is no one solution to social media as its footprint continues to expand; there is only an honest dialogue with your audience.

Social Media

Spin Sucks: KitchenAid Handles Offensive Tweet Crisis Extraordinarily Well
There are a lot of important lessons to be learned from KitchenAid’s mishap during the presidential debate, including how to promptly and appropriately respond if something like this does happen. However, the most important the question to ask yourself or your social media manager is, “do I really want to mix my personal and company social media accounts on the same monitoring tool and risk sending something to the wrong audience?”


Fast Company: The Cure For Content-Creation Madness
Content has been, and will continue to be, one of the biggest “buzzwords” for brands and their marketing and public relations teams. This article reminds us that more content just for the sake of having more content won’t lead to success. As with any well-planned program, first sitting down and developing a strategy is crucial.


Social Media Examiner: 4 Tips To Evangelize Your Brand On Facebook<
This story is a great case study of a local business and how a shift in their Facebook page strategy led to a big increase in engagement and conversation with their customers. While not all brands will be able to get this personal, we should all try and remember this single point, “Facebook is not just about selling, people go to Facebook to get personal.”


The Verge: Twitter Brand Surveys Let Advertisers Poll Users Directly From Their Timeline
Now that magazine’s have embedded live twitter feeds into their pages, we may have to face the reality that the social media platform is going to be a part of everyone’s daily lives and you and your brand may as well embrace it. Luckily, Twitter continues to develop new ways for brands to interact with an audience, and their new survey tool will create some exciting new options for engagement.


Socialmediatoday: Using Instagram for Brands
It was only a week or so ago that a new comScore report showed that Instagram beat Twitter in daily mobile users for the first time. If you aren’t yet using the platform, for monitoring at the very least, this article gives some great pointers on how companies can utilize the growing service.

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