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If there’s a theme to this week’s social media reads, it’s speed. New platforms, data, capabilities and best practices surface daily in the social media world and keeping up can be close to impossible. Here at GFM, we have a team of social media and digital addicts that live, breathe, and consume vast amounts of information about the industry so you can focus on your day job. Read below for the latest social media must-know news!


Ragan’s PR Daily: Facebook rolls out ‘want’ button for brands
Soon, you’ll not only have the opportunity to “like” a brand or item on Facebook, but actually express your desire to have it through a “want” button. Facebook will be launching this new “Collections” experience with a handful of brands to test its popularity. The idea to collect various cherished items and share them with others may sound familiar to you since it’s based on another popular curation site…yup, you guessed it – Pinterest.


Mashable: Twitter study reveals the secret to getting more followers [VIDEO]
Analysis of 36 million Twitter users has uncovered some interesting data, according to Beevolve, a social analytics firm. It turns out the average Twitter user is an English-speaking 28-year-old woman with around 208 followers. Other findings? Twitter users are more likely to be female and the global audience on the platform skews young – from 15 to 25 years old. How does that align with your company’s target demographic?


Content Marketing Institute: How to use Instagram for content marketing
Instagram is not just a great social channel for business to consumer (B2C) companies to connect with their audience, it’s a great platform for business to business (B2B) companies to leverage as well. Surprised? Just as we counsel our clients in social media content, featuring visually pleasing, digestible and shareable content in your editorial calendar is a MUST. Why? Because more than any other form of content, visuals always win when it comes to engagement. Read on for great tips on how to use Instagram for better content marketing if you’re in the B2B or B2C industry.


Ragan’s PR Daily: 10 intriguing facts and figures about social media
Not only are we huge fans of infographics, we also love creating them for our clients. Here’s an interesting one showing 10 emerging facts and figures about social media. One surprising piece of data: 76 percent of Twitter users now post updates – this is way up from the 47 percent reported two years ago. One not-so surprising fact: Facebook is the most addictive of all social media channels (we could have told you that!).

Social Media Policies

ZDNet: Firms review social policy based on new tech
Did your company draft its social policies and guidelines six months ago or more? If so, they’re probably overdue for a revision. This article is a great reminder that the only thing constant about social media is that it’s constantly changing – and as a result, social media policies and discussions with employees about new trends should be reviewed frequently to keep up with the industry’s pace.

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