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Barack Obama

The following is an excerpt from a story published by the author at Ragan’s PR Daily.

With just weeks to go before the presidential election, the White House is in full damage control, trying to blunt Republican attacks on its handling of the 9/11 attacks in Libya.

According to the Republicans and presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the killings in Benghazi represent a major failure in President Obama’s foreign policy.

As with any election issue, the deeper you dig into the incident the harder it is to assign blame for the tragedy. For Democrats and Republicans, it’s a competition for who can come up with the best sound bite that sticks with voters

For now, the Republicans are winning the game, putting Democrats on the defensive.

On Thursday, the president appeared on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” to answer repeated questions about changing stories about what happened in Benghazi and how the White House and the State Department seem to be at odds.

Read more at Ragan’s PR Daily

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