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Engagement is the word of the week for this week’s social media reads. From Ad Age’s article assessing the staying power of social networks through consumer engagement to PR Daily’s thoughts on focusing on your existing fan base, there are seemingly limitless opportunities to bolster your social media efforts with measurable results. As you and your organization plans your 2013 marketing and communications efforts, what strategies are you considering to take the next step and further engage with your key audiences?

Staying Power of Social Media

Ad Age: History Proves it: You Should be Bullish on Facebook and Twitter
With the dwindling stock price of Facebook, some are wondering if there is a social media “bubble” on the horizon. This author argues that we’re only scratching the surface on the value of social networks, “Few companies know what to do once they get those ‘likes.’ Instead of garnering more and more ‘likes,’ companies need to capitalize on existing followers/fans and make sure that new ‘likes’ turn into real customer and advocate relationships.”


Search Engine Watch: Facebook Brand Engagement Grows 896% [Study]
A recent Adobe Digital Index report shows that Facebook’s Timeline can take credit for a drastic increase in brand engagement over the past year. But what is more impressive to us is the growth of mobile as it relates to Facebook. A quarter of all engagements on Facebook took place on a mobile phone, and one in five paid search clicks came from a mobile phone or tablet. How are you incorporating mobile efforts into your engagement strategy?


PR Daily: Why Brands Need to Focus on the Fans they Have
We loved this article because we’ve been sharing this sentiment with our clients for a long time, and it just makes sense. Focus on making your existing clients/customers/donors happy and you’ll end up with the customer base that you actually want.

Online News Rooms

Business 2 Community: 8 Steps to a More Effective Online News Room
With so much focus on social media strategy and engagement, it’s pretty easy to forget about your block-and-tackle online presence – like your company’s online newsroom. This article offers some great tips to move your newsroom into the mobile/digital/social era.

Moms and Social Media

Media Bistro: Why Marketers Should be Targeting Social Moms on Facebook and Twitter
We’re all aware of the perceived power of moms on social networks. This infographic is great if you need some stats to go from “perceived power” to “known power” of online moms.


PR Daily: 7 Proven Ways to Create Viral Pinterest Posts
We don’t like to promise a “viral” anything, but we do appreciate these seven simple reminders to effectively promote your pins on Pinterest. We also like the fact that a majority of these tips can be carried over to nearly all of your social content. Don’t just post content, promote it as well!

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