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Content. It may seem like something easy to create, but don’t forget the environment in which you’re unleashing your brand messages, ideas, or social media posts. It’s crowded out there, with noise coming from your competitors, your fans, your family and friends, and not to mention some pretty loud political candidates. This week’s reads are all about content: how to create it, how to promote it, and how to stand out. If you’re an Online Brand Manager, we dedicate these reads to you!


PR Daily: 30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts
Just because you blog about it doesn’t mean people will read it. Creating great content is only a small part of having a blog…it’s getting your content in front of people that’s often the hardest (yet most important) part. Read on for 30 great ways to promote your blog posts to ensure that all the time you’ve dedicated to writing a fantastic post doesn’t get lost in the land of unread/unknown blog chatter.

Social Media Content

Paid Content: As Paid Content Booms, Will Ad Opportunities Shrink?
Although most of us doubted the day would come that consumers would willing to pay for online content, a new study shows that time might be near. A new Forrester forecast claims that the number of people buying digital content will grow by eight to 12 percent by 2017 in western Europe. What does that mean for you as a brand? Begin having less reliance on ads and spend more attention on creating valuable content to get your messages across.


Forbes: Why Time Magazine Used Instagram To Cover Hurricane Sandy
After one of the most talked-about storms in recent U.S. history, guess how one of the nation’s most-read publications decided to visualize the story? Yup, by utilizing an image produced by that little iPhone app called Instagram (known for capturing foodies’ favorite meals and fashionistas’ fab outfits). Will this new era of app-created mainstream photography continue? Only time will tell, but you can’t argue about the beautiful and eerie feeling captured in this week’s Time cover.


DigiDay: 5 Surprising Facts about Facebook for Brands
We reiterate to our clients on a daily basis the value of creating compelling, shareable, and socially optimized content for their Facebook pages in order to cut through the noise. Here are five facts that can help you get noticed on this cluttered platform. For instance, did you know that most Facebook posts die within 3-5 hours? This is a must-read for any Online Brand Manager.

Data Visualization

FastCoDesign: The Best 5 Maps and Visualizations of Frankenstorm Sandy
Hurricane Sandy rocked the nation this week and many of us west of the Ohio Valley were polarized as to what the experience felt or looked like for our East Coast friends and family. Thanks to these five maps and visualizations, we were better able to understand the intensity and severity of Sandy – exemplifying how important data visualization is in sharing and educating the masses on sometimes-inexplicable occurrences.

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