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Upon compiling this week’s suggested social media reads, a theme quickly rose to the top: photography. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and top social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (which owns Instagram) are locked in a serious game of mimicry as each strives to learn from the other and improve the user experience.

While photos are king this week, some other important topics abound, including Facebook post reach, Facebook metrics and the latest on the new LinkedIn profiles.

Surprised – although possibly relieved – that we didn’t take an election theme this week? Well, before we let you off that easily, here’s one piece of election-related news with a photography theme that’s worth noting: the most tweeted photo ever, courtesy of the Obama campaign.


All Things D: As Instagram Debuts Web Profiles, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Facebook
Earlier this week Instagram launched Web profiles. Previously, access to Instagram on the Web was limited, but this new profile – which smacks of Facebook’s now familiar timeline layout – is much more robust and offers something Instagram users have been requesting for awhile. Next up? Custom URLs. Stay tuned!


The New York Times Bits Blog: Twitter to Add Photo Filters to Compete with Instagram
In the coming months, Twitter plans to launch photo filters similar to those offered by Instagram. With nearly a billion tweets sent every two days via Twitter, this seemingly small upgrade could position Twitter to become a serious competitor to Instagram, which together with Facebook currently dominates the photo-sharing market.


TechCrunch: Facebook For iOS Gets Photo Filters and Multi-Shot Sharing, Beating Twitter To The Punch
On the heels of the announcement that Twitter is adding photo filters, Facebook quickly introduced new features to its iOS app. New filters allow users to stylize their photos via the iOS app, and multi-photo uploading allows users to tell a story by sharing a handful of photos at once.

MarketingCharts: Facebook Posts Get Half Their Reach Within 30 Minutes of Being Posted
How much time do you spend strategizing the timing of a Facebook post? New data from Socialbakers finds that one-third of post reach is obtained within 10 minutes of posting and one-half reached within the first 30 minutes, underscoring the importance of knowing your audience and their habits before you post!

Facebook Metrics

Recently, GFM’s Digital Strategy team has been closely watching, reading and researching as we’ve noticed a significant decrease in traffic to many of our clients’ brand Facebook pages. Theories on the issue abound, but these two articles offer some insights that we found interesting on the topic. If you have questions or would like to engage with GFM to better understand your Facebook or other social media metrics, please reach out!

  • Ars Technica: Is Facebook “broken on purpose” to sell promoted posts?
  • Adweek: Facebook Page Posts Marked as Spam Spiked Amid Algorithm Outcry


The BrainYard: 5 Ways To Improve Your New LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn has recently launched new profile pages – which are in the process of rolling out to users – and while reviews have been mixed, this brief article shares five easy tips to make the most of the new offerings, both for personal and business profiles.

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