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It’s rather quiet in the GFM office today as many of us have already left to join our families for Thanksgiving across the country. This year, we have a large contingency of GFMers in Florida hanging with grandparents, a few in California soaking up the Palm Springs rays, some in the Big Apple enjoying all that Manhattan has to offer, and plenty staying home in Colorado to break out the flip flops during these unseasonably 70 degree days (note to Mother Nature: bring us snow!).

But what’s Thanksgiving without some serious respect and anticipation of food? We’re talking about the kind of meals where you come to the table in drawstring pants and stricken the word, “calorie” from your vocabulary for just one day.

From our family to yours, here’s our favorite holiday dishes that we can’t wait to dig our forks into tomorrow. If you’re lucky, maybe we’ll share a recipe or two if asked.

Happy Thanksgiving from the GFM Team!

Amanda: I adore cranberry sauce – it is my very favorite. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.

Gil: I just love creamy mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, with small pools of butter and pockets of salt — terrible for your body but good for your soul.

Jon: Bobby Flay 5-cheese Mac and cheese. So damn good.

Bret: Growing up in the San Fran Bay Area we sometimes had crab cioppino for Thanksgiving; that’d be my choice for favorite.

Tracey: My mama’s rigatoni and sauce – she serves it in a bowl the size of a normal family’s table. And I don’t normally eat much meat, but I will eat the spicy sausage and peppers she serves with it too, because it tastes like childhood feels.

Kristina: My grandmother’s stuffing. I was so proud to hear my uncle say that my stuffing is just like hers only better.

Sarah: Stuffing – not the fancy kind but good ol’ nasty Stove Top. MMMM.

Kimmie: Creamed onions!

Carrie: I stumbled upon a great mash potato recipe a few years ago and it has become the favorite dish on Thanksgiving day!

Sheryl: I grew up in Pennsylvania where my step father made the very best Pennsylvania Dutch stuffing. To this day, I cannot celebrate without it!

Matt: The turkey and stuffing! Done on the webber grill, smoked for three hours… makes the neighborhood smell great, too!

Nancy: Homemade pumpkin pie with cool whip!

Wendy: As a Wisconsin girl…..I’m all about the cranberries! I was given a recipe years ago from an old co-worker of my husbands and have refined it to perfection!!! we just call it cranberry yummy!!

Kimberly: I make a sweet and sour cranberry-raspberry relish that is awesome! And for dessert, peach crumble from peaches frozen out of my very own peach tree.

Alexis: Stuffing ~ but now I need to make it veggie style.

Barb: We make an awesome cranberry cake that is served with a hot, butter cream sauce. Yummy.

Carolann: Bruléed sweet potatoes!

Lauren: Our family’s pinot noir straight from the vineyard in the Santa Cruz mountains. It’s called Diane’s Block after my Mom and couldn’t be more delicious.

Emily: Gingerbread pudding cake with a touch of whipped cream. Can’t miss, everyone always loves it!

Stu: Popcorn and jelly beans. I am a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving kinda guy.


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