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We are reaching the tipping point of social media for business. Presumably, since your company and all of your competitors are active in the social space, how can you make sure your brand stands out? By building high quality connections with the right influencers and fostering those relationships over time. There is no everything for everyone anymore; our social media activities must be targeted to specific segments within our audience for them to be most effective. This week’s social media recap is all about helping the right people find your content and how to forge the strongest bond with your fans.


eMarketer: Online Content Exploration Varies By Demographic
An interesting study breaks down how demographics can a have big effect on how users interact with different types of content and how they behave after it has been consumed. With so much content being created every single day, a smart marketer now has to consider how multiple segments within his or her audience will engage.

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FastCasual: Brand Social Media Connections Drive Purchase Behavior
One of the common questions we ask ourselves in regards to our social media activities is, “what is this doing for my bottom line”? A new study helps answer that question by revealing that 70 percent of customers actively engaged in social media have made a purchase as a result of being connected to a brand online.

PR Daily: The Best Social Media Advice For 2013
As we head towards the end of 2012, many of us have already turned our attention to 2013. This article compiles some great tips to consider as you plan and strategize. Here’s our favorite:

Integrate. We’ve got to stop looking at social media in a silo. Leverage your other communications channels to drive your customers to more deep connection points (social media) and leverage your social communications to support the other channels (point to deals, advertisements, promotions, etc.). A healthy mix of the two—engagement and calls-to-action—and integrating social as the close-to-the-bone connection point will help us be more integrated in our approach to social.” — Jason Falls, CEO of Social Media Explorer


Search Engine Journal: SEO In 2013: The Rising Influence Of AuthorRank
Google is making a concerted effort in 2013 to not only rank pages on the quality of the content, but the quality of the authors themselves. This article gives a good overview of AuthorRank and why it’s important. You have experts within your ranks, use them to help create new content and allow your people to shine.


Grow Smart Biz: 3 Things You Need To Know About The New Pinterest Business Accounts
As Pinterest continues its rapid growth pattern, having an active and engaging presence on the site is becoming more and more vital for brands. Newly launched business accounts will offer tools and advantages over personal accounts that every social media manager must maximize.

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