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As we plan for 2013 around the GFM offices, there has been a lot of talk and excitement about the Digital Service Line we started in 2012. No, we’re not trying to be a digital advertising firm, an SEO firm, or a design firm. We are, however, maximizing our communications and public relations efforts by ensuring the content we produce is creative, visual, optimized, measureable, and our favorite term – “snackable.” Each article in this week’s reads emphasizes the crossover between public relations and digital communications.

Branded Content

Forbes: Social Media Breathes New Life Into Branded Content
Its no secret that branded content via videos, blogs and social media posts drives traffic to your website. This article does a great job of highlighting the importance of integrating your corporate communications efforts with your social media approach for a better brand experience.

Ragan’s PR Daily: Press Releases with Visuals Boost Views Nearly Ten Fold
Much like social media posts, this article highlights how visuals within press releases exponentially increase views and engagements. This is a prime example of the increasing overlap between public relations and visual design.

iMedia Connection: 8 Ways to Use Google Analytics Beyond Keywords
The real beauty of communications in a digital world is the metrics that are available to all of us for measuring campaigns. Long gone are the days when we as PR professionals talk solely about newspaper circulations. Google Analytics provides numerous tangible metrics that the PR industry has been seeking for decades.

Forbes: 7 Actionable SEO Rules for CMOs
We’re often asked what is the difference between an SEO campaign and SEO for public relations. The answer is the in the content we produce as communicators. What steps are you taking to ensure your press releases, social media posts, videos, event listings and other communications content is optimized? This article highlights a few things you can do today.

Mashable: Top 25 Tech of 2012
It wouldn’t be December without a slew of “best of” lists from 2012. And while I’d be lying if I said I completely understand everything about the “best in technology” from 2012, it is helpful to see where we’ve come in the past year, and think about what that means for the digital communications industry in 2013.

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