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This week Facebook is really stealing the stage when it comes to social media news! From the announcement of its new search engine, Graph Search, to the enactment of its new cover photo rules (effective Jan. 15), there’s reason to tune in to Facebook-focused articles we’ve cultivated below.

In the midst of the new announcements, there are some smart, tried and true tactics included here, too. We’ve got some “old-school” journalism tips and a few smart techniques for building media lists that fold social media into the traditional media mix as well. More proof that the evolution of our trade is in full swing – and everyone has something to bring to the table. Enjoy!


Wired: Facebook Announces New Search Engine
On Tuesday, Facebook announced its new search engine, “Graph Search.” In short, Graph Search searches the data shared within Facebook, which in most cases is not searchable outside the platform. Graph Search is currently in limited beta and many questions remain to be answered, but this article provides a good primer on the new offering.

Mashable: What Facebook’s New Graph Search Means For Your Privacy
If you haven’t been prompted by Facebook to “review who can see your stuff,” expect to receive the reminder soon. The platform assures users that even with the new Graph Search, users will still only be able to see what was already made public elsewhere on Facebook. That said, there’s never been a better time to revisit your privacy settings.

Business2Community: New 2013 Facebook Cover Rules Text Allowance Reduced
Don’t forget that as of this week, Facebook has a new policy about text overlay on cover photos and News Feed ads. Text is now limited to no more than 20 percent of an image’s area – and text within logos counts toward this limit. This article covers the basics with some helpful illustrations.


Ragan’s PR Daily: How Quickly Do Big Brands Respond to Customers on Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]
GFM firmly believes that among the most important reasons for brands to be on social media is to listen to what’s being said about them. While not every post or tweet deserves a response, ignoring the majority is unacceptable, especially among big brands. This infographic reveals which brands are listening AND responding on Twitter.

General Tips

Ragan’s PR Daily: 5 Old-School Journalism Lessons for Social Media
Social media may not have the long history of traditional journalism, but just like anything there are lessons to be learned from those who came before. This article outlines five lessons from “old-school” journalism that make plenty of sense applied to today’s social media. Among our favorites? “Be first, be right, be credible.” Enough said.

Social Media Today: 3 Social Best Practices For Building A Media List That Rocks The House
As traditional media continues to evolve into the social space, landing stories based on a Twitter pitch or following up on a lead identified via Facebook is becoming common practice. This article offers some smart tips for building a comprehensive media list that includes social media, putting you well on your way to securing your next big story!

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