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When it comes to social media, knowledge is not only power, it is an absolute requirement. Just because you may not utilize a specific platform or technology in your company’s social media efforts does not mean that you shouldn’t be aware of what options are out there and what new tools may exist to help engage with your audience.


The Verge: Twitter officially announces Vine, a ‘new way to share video’ on the iPhone
Twitter has officially announced and released “Vine,” a new video capture app that is owned by and integrated with Twitter. The app allows users to shoot quick six second videos and embed them in their tweets the same way you would with photos. The videos loop continuously and play audio (if enabled) as well. You have seen the increased engagement that an image can bring, now imagine being able to quickly and easily share video with your followers. Read more about how it works and start to experiment.

PandoDaily: How Twitter’s new embeds will make social media’s copyright issues even weirder
Another new release from Twitter this week was an update to the social network’s built-in embedding functionality. Prior to the release an embedded tweet could include text and photos that were uploaded to the site, but now they can contain other information like “video, Flickr photos, Tumblr images, story summaries, and audio”. In other words, a whole lot of content from a whole lot of different places. What does this mean for the already murky copyright laws around social media content? Check out the story to find out.


Columbia Journalism Review: Stop knocking curation
This story attempts to get to the true meaning of the word “curation” and the value that good curation can bring to a consumer. If you have, or are considering starting, a company blog remember that YOU are the expert in what your business does and you can be a valuable resource to your readers by cutting through the clutter and bringing relevant stories together in one place.

Tumblr It’s time to take tumblr seriously in 2013
Do you know what tumblr is? You’d be surprised by how many people answer no to that question. Here’s a stat that is even more surprising:

“Sixty percent of teens (in the USA) see tumblr as their primary social network.”

The short-form blogging platform has been growing an extremely fast rate and is becoming more and more popular with young adults who are, or will eventually be, your target audience. This story gives a nice run-down of tumblr works and how brands should be engaging.

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The New York Times: Even if It Enrages Your Boss, Social Net Speech Is Protected
Stigma and laws surrounding social media and how it pertains to the workplace are changing and employees’ speech is becoming more and more protected. Instead of fearing what your employees may say about your company, why not figure out ways to help get them involved and add to your brand’s voice?

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