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We have a lot of favorites at GroundFloor Media (GFM), and three of them are: food, social media and photography. Somehow, we’ve managed to make that our theme this week. From restaurants working to ban foodie photos to new applications that promote crowdsourced restaurant menus, there has been a lot of recent activity when it comes to social media and food-related content.

Speaking of food, we’re pretty big fans of football season at GFM (well, a few of us are, anyway), and we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least give you Mashable’s guide for using social media during the Super Bowl. It includes who to follow, where to find updates on the game, the advertisements, and lots, lots more.

Social Media and Food

Mashable: Death of Foodstagram
We realize the news of a potential restaurant/food photo ban in New York City broke last week, but our office has been debating the issue since it was announced. We all know the culprits: those Instagram friends who tend to take less-than-flattering photos of their meals. But what is more important for brands or restaurant owners: organic content and sharing of your menu, or controlling the content that is produced?

The Verge: Open Table Buys Social Food Photography App Foodspotting
Say what you want about the quality of photos that are taken at restaurants. The fact is, people want to take photos of their foodie adventures. And according to this article, restaurant-goers would like to have input on menus by crowdsourcing new dishes. This could become a reality given the new acquisition of Foodspotting by Open Table. How do you think the chef will take it when we’re telling him what to put on his menu?

Mashable: Foursquare Launches “Foursquare for Business” App
Foursquare is also getting in on the “food, photography and social media” theme this week by announcing the launch of its new business app. The functionality allows business owners to more proactively manage their presence on Foursquare, including posting “beautiful photo updates.”

PR Daily: Ways for PR People to Effectively Use Vine
Last week we mentioned how much we love Twitter’s new app, Vine. After experimenting with it for a week, we like PR Daily’s take on effective ways to provide brand experiences by using the app. If NYC restaurants are angry about photos, how will they feel about short video clips?

Case Study

eConsultancy: How Tesco Uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+
It’s always fun to see a breakdown of how a recognizable brand is using its social platforms. This article is particularly interesting as the author reviewed Wal-Mart’s much larger social presence the previous week to writing this case study.

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