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Social media platform management can be exhausting. We have to curate compelling content that cuts through immense clutter while listening and responding to our audiences without crossing the line. The GFM Digital team knows that it isn’t always easy to manage a social media presence and this week, we’ve dug up some strong resources for helping you navigate and efficiently execute content creation and monitoring strategies.

Content Creation

Forbes: How To Turn Satisfied Customers Into ‘Brand Advocates’
The content creation churn can be exhausting for a small marketing team. However, brand advocates are often already creating great content for you. Read on to learn ways to leverage this content efficiently across all of your platforms.

PRDaily: 6 Ways to Use Pinterest for Storytelling
Pinterest, as a platform, has matured well past pictures of macaroons and cupcakes. Brands are curating compelling content on Pinterest and we love the six approachable ideas offered in this article for how to do more with your boards, especially ways you can get fans involved using some fairly simple incentives. And if you have a crush on Pinterest like we do over here at GFM, check out this interesting Q&A with the founder.


Mashable: Twitter Will Decide the Value of Your Tweets
Twitter will be assigning value to tweets to help curate top content. From what we know, rankings will be based on tweet engagement and number of followers. For API developers this development is said to help configure Twitter applications to narrow down what tweets are pulled for various subjects or purposes. If you are wondering how to make your tweets more compelling, take a few minutes to read this Twitter etiquette list and incorporate some “dos” into your daily Twitter repertoire.

AdAge Digital: Jeep, BK Hacks Shine Light on Twitter’s Treatment of Marketers
Is Twitter doing enough to keep accounts secure? Following hacks of high-profile brands like Burger King and Jeep, a lot of questions are being raised. PRDaily covered this story as well and offered some tips for protecting your account, including regular password changes and minimizing the number of mobile phones with access. When is the last time you changed your company’s password?


Bulldog Reporter: For Brands, Sometimes Social Lurking Is Best
The jury is still out among consumers who are torn between wanting brands to listen to what they have to say online, and those who fight social media listening because they view it as an invasion of digital privacy. So, as a brand, should you lurk to understand what’s being said about you but not engage unless spoken to directly?

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