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Social media marketing is a moving target that requires an ever-evolving strategy thanks to the constant slew of new platforms, updates to existing networks and the constant struggle to cut through the clutter to connect with your audience. Our favorite social media articles from the week include a number of resources to make planning, executing and reporting more manageable.

Social Media

AdAge: Exclusive Survey: What Advertisers Really Think About Facebook
As Facebook users get more comfortable with advertising on the platform, brands become more likely to include social media buys in their budget. Find out how adoption and perceptions of social media marketing have changed over the last year with these survey results and a corresponding infographic from AdAge.

Huffington Post: Pheed Leaps Facebook, Twitter As Top Social App for iPhone
We live in a day and age where new social networking platforms come and go every single week, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the rookies (see: Vine). Pheed is a new platform that combines the best parts of tumblr and Twitter and has been growing at an impressive rate. One of the most interesting differentiators about the platform? They explicitly note in their terms & conditions that all content uploaded is owned and copyrighted by the user, not the platform (take note, Instagram).


Mashable: 5 Ways to Get More From Any Content Marketing Campaign
One of the biggest questions we hear from clients when discussing content plans is “how do we get our customers to see it?” While every situation is unique, this article gives some great out-of-the-box suggestions.


The Verge: Google+ Sign-In Takes on Facebook Connect and Frictionless Sharing
With the launch of Google+ Sign-In be prepared to see “log-in with Google+” options right next to the Facebook versions. Like Facebook Connect, doing so will allow a user’s social profile information to be carried over to the new site. Especially for those that have “forsaken” Facebook, this will be another boost for Google+ adoption and the ubiquity of the platform.


PR Daily: 7 Google Analytics Metrics Everyone Should Monitor
Whether you are the one generating the metrics reports or you are just reviewing reports generated elsewhere, this article is a good refresher on what to look for (and is a great primer for other members of your team who may not be as familiar).

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