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It’s March and meteorologically, we’ve officially changed seasons – yeah Spring! It seems a fitting time to announce some of our own changes here at GroundFloor Media. Today, Ramonna Robinson officially steps up as our President after joining the agency in 2005 and working as vice president and managing partner since 2008.RoandLo

In her new role, Ramonna will be responsible for the daily operations of the company and will continue to spearhead new business efforts and the growth of agency’s service lines. Laura Love, GFM’s founder and previous president, now assumes the role of chief cultural officer, a newly created position. Laura will continue to provide vision and leadership for our agency however, she will step away from the day-to-day operations, allowing her to spend more time focusing on GFM’s team members and client partners. This shift will also enable her to become even more involved in the community.

We are all very excited to have Ramonna take the reins as we enter our twelfth year of business. In fact, as her first act as President, she required us to leave work early last Friday in honor of National Employee Appreciation Day!

This is going to be fun!  Thanks again Ro, for agreeing to lead our team! We look forward to all that is ahead!

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