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The final day of SXSWi is always a strange one. The sessions typically go out with a bang (our session recap will be posted later today), the musicians are nearly in full force, the interactive people are exhausted, and hydration, caffeine and nourishment are at a premium. Which is why these were our favorites from Tuesday in Austin:

Nom nom: We did make a second stop at the Taco Shack, because breakfast tacos are a food that is far superior to pretty much anything else. But we also made a stop at Guero’s Taco Bar on South Congress before heading to the airport. Getting away from downtown for a few minutes and eating some Al Pastor tacos was a great TexMex way to wind down.

Libations: The temperature soared to nearly 80 degrees in the afternoon, so seeing the Austin Frigid Frog Shaved Ice truck was like an oasis sent from the heavens. The list of flavors is lengthy, use your best judgment when you order and enjoy!

Celebrity-ish Sighting: Just prior to Frigid Frog we stopped to listen to a band (see Grab Bag below) on South Congress and standing about 5 feet away was Entourage’s Adrien Griener. It was hard not to yell, “What’s up Vinny Chase!”

Adrian Grenier chatting with the crowd on South Congress.
Adrian Grenier chatting with the crowd on South Congress.

Through the lens: Its not every day you see movie props (from the forthcoming Oblivion) being craned in and out of music venues…

Movie props from Oblivion being moved across Caesar Chavez Blvd.
Movie props from Oblivion being moved across Caesar Chavez Blvd.


Grab Bag: Austin is still weird, and its still in a good way. Here’s a quick Vine of The Gin Jars playing roadside.

Free Stuff Rules: Everyone seems to be handing out freebies at SXSW and most of them aren’t that great. But if you decide to take just about anything people are handing out, you might end up, like Jon did, with a $100 gift certificate to

Overheard: “Stopped to get a coffee before the session but they only take cash. As I’m walking to find somewhere else to get a drink a dude offers to buy me one. Get it but the coffee stand is out of lids and the lady says some more are on the way. Sit in the room waiting for the session and get to have about two sips of the coffee. Go to get a lid and come back 15 seconds later to see that someone has kicked over the coffee and spilt it all and I don’t have cash to get another. In otherwords, this is the worst thing that has happened at SXSW.” ~ a text from Jon to Jim on Tuesday.

Number of steps taken: 10,500

Hours of sleep: Jim: 5.5. Jon: 6.5.

Caffeinated beverages consumed: Jim: 4. Jon: 3.

Number of connections made: 123 total.


That's a wrap.
That’s a wrap.

~Jim Licko and Jon Woods

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