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Ok, we admit it – we’re slightly addicted to Instagram. If we’re enjoying a nice meal, hitting the slopes, going out with friends or traveling to a client meeting, odds are we have our iPhones handy to snap a few pics highlighting the journey. From there, we harness our inner creative talents to manipulate our images with our favorite Instagram filters before sending it out to “the internets” to share with our friends.

It’s no surprise that the social web is becoming more and more visual as it matures – and with it, tools like Instagram are exploding (the image-sharing community now boasts 100 million active users and sees 40 million photos uploaded per day).

In fact, research shows that using visuals in your social media content strategy results in higher engagement and “stickiness” of your message. For instance, a recent HubSpot study cites that photos on Facebook Pages receive 53 percent more Likes than the average post.

The resounding lesson to be learned here? Leverage social media channels that highlight your brand’s unique visuals. Show it, don’t tell it. And spend time strategically brainstorming what content can be translated from long text into shareable imagery.

Given our passion for Instagram, we couldn’t help but check out our filter personalities as defined by the infographic below. Where do you fall given your filter propensities? And while you’re at it, don’t forget to follow our team on Instagram as well as our official GFM account (@groundfloorpr) – we’d love to geek out with you!

Lauren (@lscook11). Fave filter: Brannan // The Art Major
Apparently, I’m a sucker for overly dramatizing my photos with this artsy filter. I did major in creative writing, so I guess that makes sense.

Alexis (@alexisannanderson). Fave filter: Amaro // The Night Owl
Apparently Alexis (one of the sunniest personalities at GFM) is hanging out in dark and shady places after work and uses Amaro to lighten things up a bit. The truth comes out!

Kristina (@keepingitrealwithkp). Fave filter: Early Bird // The Wannabe Wes Anderson
Perhaps the most fitting of the GFM filter personalities, Kristina is truly a classic gal who likes to keep things uncomplicated with her Early Bird filter that honors that 70s vibe. Keep it groovy, KP.

Ramonna (@rrobinson3). Fave filter: Nashville // The Cool Gal
Another spot-on personality. Ramonna loves her music, her cowboy boots and a good southern (vegetarian) meal, making the Nashville filter a true fit for her Instagram images.

Jon and Jim (@woodrowwilson and @jimlicko). Fave filter: Lo Fi
Lo Fi didn’t make it into the top 10 Instagram filters on this infographic, but we think this personality rings true for Jon and Jim who like to highlight contrasting colors with a touch of blur for effect. And they like to remain off the radar!

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