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We kick off our recommended reading list with details about new analytics from Klout for businesses and Facebook’s rollout of an additional way for brands to target subsets of their overall follower base. Yet, as monitoring and targeting becomes more sophisticated across the social media universe some things never change. Consumers by and large do not trust straight advertising in the social space, while recommendations from friends and family remain the most powerful motivators to action and brand affinity.

So how do you earn trust and loyalty while also moving the needle? Do not pursue any one tactic or social media platform in isolation, and meet fans where they naturally interact, with content that is extremely relevant. Need more proof? Just take a look at the case study from McDonald’s about “taking back lunch.”

Metrics & Monitoring

Fortune: Klout Debuts Social Influencer Tool for Businesses
Klout is growing up. A new portal and free analytics dashboard for businesses will allow brands to dig much deeper into who is truly influential in their networks, which platforms resonate strongest with followers and the “moments” when content gets the most attention on Twitter or Facebook.

Paid Media/Advertising

Mashable: Facebook Opens News Feed to Targeted Brand Posts
There is a new option for brands that pursue paid and organic content strategies on Facebook. Brands can now target specific users’ news feeds for a post, but choose not to have that post appear on the brand’s general page. For example, a phone company could target a post toward potential switchover customers without having to broadcast that same message to their entire fan base.

Social Media

TechCrunch: Consumers Still Pretty Suspicious About Social Media Marketing, Forrester Survey Finds
While it’s not a surprise, a new Forrester study shows push marketing on social and digital platforms is the least trusted marketing tactic by consumers while word-of-mouth and peer recommendations remain the most influential. The takeaway? Continue to look to social media to bring brand awareness and loyalty by sharing strong, honest and transparent content. And even more importantly, explore tactics that encourage fans to organically share your content with their networks!

AdAge: Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark Defends ‘Crucial’ Social Media
Wendy Clark, senior VP-integrated marketing communications and capabilities at Coca-Cola, defends social media after a report from Coke says social buzz does nothing to boost sales. Instead, Clark advocates that no single marketing effort works well in isolation, but when social media is a part of an integrated effort focusing on engagement, reach, love and value across a multitude of channels, real success is found.

PRDaily: 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Social Channels
Your proverbial rubber gloves aren’t just for deep cleaning the fridge this spring! There is no better time to apply the same OCD tendencies to your social channels as well—un-following inactive users, dusting off your main imagery and organizing lists, to name a few.

Case Study

QSR: Lessons in Facebook
Say what you will about mega-chain McDonald’s. The chain is undeniably savvy when it comes to digital content, and we have to tip our hats to a recent campaign that surprised even them with four times return on the initial investment. To be fair, this Facebook-focused campaign to “take back lunch” was also supported with TV ads—which proves even McDonald’s (with 27 million+ Facebook fans) recognizes the need to support its campaigns across numerous communications channels.

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