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Product launches and platform updates are fun to talk about – and we love the new and improved Foursquare – but this week was packed with useful strategic information when it comes to social media outreach. From social media taking over search engine optimization (SEO) as the leading source for referral traffic to content case studies from Tourism Australia and Chuck E. Cheese (of all places), our RSS Feeds have been filled with strategy-heavy reads.

Social Media Strategy

Ragan’s PR Daily: How Chuck E. Cheese Became a Leader in Social Media
Not that we’re condoning jumping in that ball pit yourself, but we do like the way Chuck E. Cheese has taken an intelligent approach to its social media efforts. They’ve put their audience first, listened, and acted accordingly.

Search vs. Social Media

Folio Magazine: For Publishers, Social Media Trumps Search
We all put a lot of time and effort into digital content, and we also know that we have to help our audiences find that content through SEO and social networks. This article highlights several key statistics that point to social media eclipsing the $3 billion SEO industry as the leading source of referral traffic for content publishers – which we believe solidifies the idea of an integrated SEO/content approach.

Content Strategy

Search Engine Watch: 9 Content Marketing Lessons from Tourism Australia
It can’t be terribly difficult to find compelling content from a place like Australia. However, we love Tourism Australia’s customer-centric approach to social media content curation. Empowering customers to generate and share their own content with a semi-hands-off approach has led to an extremely successful social media strategy.

Social Media Teams

Ragan’s PR Daily: Infographic – An Inside Look at Companies’ Social Media Teams
How many people work on the average social media team? What are their qualifications, and how do they measure success? This infographic answers those, and several other questions based on feedback from more than 2,700 communicators.

New Foursquare Updates

The Verge: Foursquare 6.0 finally brings Explore recommendations to center stage
We’ve talked with several people recently who have given up on Foursquare. “What’s the point,” they’ve asked. But that question may have been answered with the launch of version 6.0. It features a lively combination of recommendations, trending places and people you know nearby. This just may be the location-based service many are seeking.

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