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It’s been a solemn week at GFM as details of the Boston Marathon bombing begin to unfold. When our team learned of the events on Monday, it became clear that social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now the first news source people go to find out (real-time) what is happening during crisis situations. Reporters and news stations are watching these feeds just like us to get the latest breaking news.

While social media is an amazing tool for brands to talk with their customers, let’s not forget the elemental reason why social media was invented — to connect human beings. Below, we’ve shared a post that links to all of the disaster resource links that were provided immediately after the bombing – from locating loved ones who were participating in the marathon to helping police find potential clues by submitting video/images taking during the event.

Our thoughts and love continue to go out to the city of Boston and all those affected by this week’s tragedy.

Social Media & Crisis

Pop Health: Emergency Response to the Boston Marathon Bombings: Looking to Social Media for Information, Resources, and Connections
On Monday afternoon, a myriad of links and resources were unleashed via social media to disseminate information, provide support resources, and elicit more information about the bombings. This post illustrates how social media is now a vital element to any crisis and/or disaster plan.


Mashable: A Facebook Fan Is Worth $174, Researcher Says
All that work, strategy and content your brand creates for Facebook does, in fact, hold ROI. A recent study has actually put a number on it. Apparently, a Facebook fan is worth $174 to a brand (which is up 28% since 2010). But if you ask our opinion, a vocal brand evangelist is priceless.

All Facebook: Understanding Facebook’s Post-Sorting Algorithm
With Facebook’s confusing EdgeRank algorithm that determines what posts show up on a user’s feed, it’s easy to get perplexed. Do images or text-based posts get more play? This infographic help dispels any rumors about EdgeRank to help you craft your best Facebook content. The basic gist? The best posts are the ones fans interact with the most, whether it’s a link, a photo, a video or just a really well written status update.


Marketing Mag: Honda’s low-budget social media innovation
Lots of brands have been hitching their marketing campaigns to the fast-moving Pinterest wagon, but Honda’s recent approach is worth noting. Capitalizing on their new CR-V motto of “getting out and living life,” Honda approached influential Pinterest users and offered them $500 to take a 24 hour break from the addictive social media channel to spend time making one of their pinned images come to life. Dubbed #Pintermission, the results are impressive and prove that low-budget, creative social media campaigns are often the most successful.


Business Insider: Dove Uses FBI Sketch Artist To Show Women How Negatively They See Themselves, Compared To Others
If you haven’t seen Dove’s most recent video for their “Real Beauty” campaign, this is a must-click. Simple, intelligent, and lacking any overt commercial messaging, GFM gives this two thumbs up (and it even made a few of us get teary-eyed as we watched).

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