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If you haven’t already seen the new video from Dove as a part of their Campaign for Real Beauty, go ahead and give the video a look.

This post isn’t about the Dove campaign or the specific content contained within the video, because others have done it so much better than I could, but about the power of creating content that aligns with your brand on a value-based level. I recently wrote about a new video by writer/climber Brendan Leonard that is “sponsored” by Arc’Teryx and Yakima with not a single mention of either brand in the entire piece. Logos are featured at the end and there are minimal product shots, but nothing else.

Similarly, in the video above, there is no mention or visual of Dove until a URL and logo are featured at the very end. No product shots, no talk of cleanliness or dry skin, just a message that Dove believes in – that women are unique and beautiful.

Brands are finally starting to catch-on to the real life emotional connection strong content can create with it’s fans. However at the same time, many are still struggling to give up the highly measurable tactics that they are so used to from traditional marketing. Can’t you just hear a CEO asking, “what do you mean we aren’t showing any product shots in the video?”

Fans of your brand know what you’re selling and they know what you do. What they want from your content, written or visual, is to know who you are. Don’t miss an opportunity to tell them.

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