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In scanning the social media headlines this week, two themes came to light: “people” and “brands.” Both use social media differently – and yet without a good understanding of these people, brands couldn’t thrive in this space. From tips shared by a middle-schooler, insights into the brains of Millennials and musings on how a celebrity really works Twitter – we have some great articles about how people of all sorts leverage social media. To bridge the gap, we identified some interesting research regarding brands using Twitter well, then we pulled a few important platform announcements for brands, including mobile changes for brand pages on Facebook and a major revamp for Foursquare.


USA TODAY: Millennials Don’t Worry About Online Privacy
New research shows that Millennials (18-34 year olds) are more willing than any other generation to post personal information online – especially when there’s something in it for them. This article asserts that Millennials more instinctively understand that engaging with companies online has benefits, which can become more valuable if they share personal information.

thoughtLEADERS: My Daughter’s Kicking Your Company’s Butt at Social Media
This witty blog outlines how a middle school-aged girl has employed four simple principles to rapidly grow her social media following. Her dad, the blog’s author, notes that many of the strategies she’s using (such as SEO) come naturally to her – giving us another glimpse into the new age of social media users!

Inc.: What Jimmy Fallon Can Teach You About Social Media
With more than 8.5 million followers on Twitter, Jimmy Fallon definitely has an incredible presence on social media. And while he certainly has celebrity on his side, Fallon also makes smart choices to keep his fans engaged on social channels. Click through for five tips even those of us who aren’t celebs can employ.


Mashable: 25 Of The Most Engaged Brands On Twitter
From sharing photos and video to tweeting between 3-6 p.m. (MST), the top 25 brands engaging with fans on Twitter, according to a new study, have a lot in common. Not surprisingly, according to the research the volume of tweets didn’t necessarily equal success. Click through for an interesting infographic and more valuable insights.

The Verge: Foursquare Revamps Business Pages To Take On Yelp as Web Visitors Hit 50 Million Per Month
With a “fresh coat of paint,” Foursquare has launched new web-based business pages in the site’s first significant upgrade since November 2011. Read this short article for an overview of the changes.

Mashable: Facebook Revamps Brand Pages for Mobile, Desktop Coming Soon
Use Facebook’s mobile web or iOS apps? You might have noticed that Facebook is reworking the design of its mobile brand pages. New designs are rolling out this week and should reach Android users and then desktops soon. The new design focuses on interaction rather than content.

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