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Having a formidable online presence is no easy task, especially when you read these statistics about online publishing, but it is possible to remain top of mind with your target consumers amidst the clutter. The key is, as you’ve heard us say many times, disseminating smart content that is quickly digestible and monitoring reactions religiously in order to shift gears as needed and meet your audiences where they are—which is always changing. This week’s social media and digital news roundup offers both tips from seasoned online gurus and case studies offering best practices from digital success stories.

Online Reputation Management

Wall Street Journal: Pick Your Battles
How do you deal with anonymous, persistent and negative online posters that might be more than just a dissatisfied customer? Being proactive, helpful, neutral and responsive are key when confronted with hostile posts in online forums, review sites and social networks.

Content Creation

Mashable: Are You Hungry for Snackable Content?
Snackable content is short, entertaining content that consumers can easily engage with and then move on. However, don’t mistake shorter engagement times with a lack of deeper understanding for a brand or concept. Smart and strategic snackable content should reference and reinforce broader brand themes that consumers can relate to, just in a more “bite size” amount of time. And in no place is snackable content more relevant than mobile, which continues to experience a “seismic shift” among consumers and marketers.

Case Studies

Digiday: The Louis C.K. Guide to Online Marketing
Louis C.K. is not just a comedic success, but a self-made marketing one as well. Top lessons from his less-than-traditional approach to promotions, advertising and fan engagement focus on respecting your customers, taking risks, being willing to fail and striving for authenticity in every consumer interaction.

Co.Create: How K-Mart Used Social Listening to Create A Ship-My-Pants Funny Viral Hit
By now we are sure you’ve seen this hilarious K-Mart spot about online shipping. If not, take a moment to hit play now. You won’t regret it. Kmart’s “Ship my Pants” campaign was created out of their need to talk about a boring promotion (i.e., online shipping) in an exciting way. However, instead of instantly rolling out the 35-second spot on traditional channels like TV, they pushed the commercial on Youtube first to closely monitor the public reaction. The response was instantaneous and a viral hit was born before any commitment to traditional advertising channels was made.

PR Daily: Syrup Maker’s Page Views Jump More than 500 Percent After Content Revamp
It’s often said that in SEO, content is king. This case study from the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers proves the power of properly optimized content in driving page traffic. By focusing on high search volume and low competition terms- such as “maple recipes Canada” and not “maple syrup,” the Federation saw a 500 percent jump in traffic after just two months.

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