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Apple-Digital-Newsstand (1)The digital age and pay walls are finally taking hold at the nation’s largest newspapers, bringing new life to an industry struggling to reinvent itself.

For the world of PR, the figures released Wednesday by the Alliance for Audited Media means that our industry can still try to pitch news outlets with more of a focus on digital editions, but probably with the same limited success.

A couple of points about the ongoing digital shift and what it means to PR:

• Put the term “newspaper clipping services” into the time capsule, along with fax machines and press conferences;

• More news sites will set up pay walls instead of giving away news for free, making it harder to track news subjects and specific reporters;

• Competing sites will figure out how to offer news products free, without the overhead of newsroom, and that will open up more outlets for PR;

• USA Today, long seen as the gold standard for the future of journalism, might need to reinvent how to sell its product;

• PR will continue struggle to show results, primarily quality versus quantity in terms of media results based on number of eyeballs.

Read more at Ragan’s PRDaily.

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