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We’re a bit all over the board with our reads this week, and there doesn’t seem to be a consistent theme other than this: the world of marketing via social media is continually evolving. From this week’s Google+ redesign to the steady push toward increased mobile use, communicating with your communities is an ever-changing task. It can be overwhelming, but try to avoid the “Bright, Shiny Object Syndrome” and think strategically about how your audiences are using each platform and each new bell and whistle.

Social Networks for B2B

Search Engine Watch – Which Social Network is Best for B2B Marketing?
We get this question a lot from companies and nonprofits that work in the business-to-business (B2B) space and feel like they’re missing out on social media opportunities. We like the way this article breaks down the pros and cons of multiple platforms as they specifically relate to the B2B world. No surprise, LinkedIn is the clear favorite.

Social Media Strategy

PR Daily – 8 Steps to “Tool Agnostic” Social Media Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]
Brands are constantly looking for step-by-step methods for approaching social media strategy. The problem is, we know that no two brands are the same, and no two approaches to social media should be the same. This infographic, however, covers many of the “must do’s” in our minds when it comes to setting your company up for success.


ReadWrite – The Numbers are Clear: Mobile is Taking Over the World
We’re all guilty of it: coming up with solid social media strategies and tactics, but making a fatal mistake early on in the process – failing to consider mobile. 13% of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Don’t forget to factor in how, and where, your audiences are connecting with you. They’re probably not in front of their computer screen as often as you think.


The Verge – Google+ Completely Redesigned
If a post is made on Google+ and no one is there to see it, was a post ever made? Many people joke about Google+’s value, but one thing is clear: it has huge potential for your search engine optimization (SEO.) And we like what we’re seeing with the innovative new redesign and features (automatic photo enhancements? Yes, please.)


Ad Age – Ryan Gosling will Eat His Cereal, but Only if its Cap’N Crunch
We like to include reads about social media news and strategies in this email rather than “viral” sensations. However, in some cases, news and strategy can’t top creativity. How do you make something go viral? There isn’t a blueprint, but it typically starts with an original and creative idea.

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