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Memorial Day Weekend always appears right around the time we need it most. For the last few months, we’ve been in hyperactive mode at GFM with tons of fantastic client projects, new business activity, agency strategy sessions and team member celebrations (Weddings! Babies! Travel!). And undoubtedly, you’ve been in the same boat.

In times like these, it’s good to have some simple strategies in your back pocket to keep your social media fresh (think of it as spring cleaning for your platforms). We’ve pulled a few lists of quick tips that will help keep your communities thriving while you manage the hundreds of other happenings in your professional and personal life. And most importantly, we hope you can enjoy some much-needed offline time this Memorial Day weekend!


PR Daily: 12 quotations to guide your online strategy
Need a little late-week inspiration for your social media strategy? Check out these smart quotes from leaders across all decades and industries. One of our favorites comes from Charles Leadbeater: “You are what you share.” You can’t argue with that when it comes to social media.


Social Media Examiner: 11 Checks To Ensure Your Facebook Page is Up To Date
It’s exhausting trying to keep up with the constant changes to Facebook. To make sure your page is up to date, use this handy dandy guide of 11 checkpoints that will ensure your profile is optimized to its fullest.


Mashable: Vine: 12 Ways to Make Your Videos Stand Out
When it comes to Vines (the six second videos that you can create on the Vine mobile app), there are two types of outcomes: really good vines or really bad vines. If you’re looking to integrate these bite-sized videos into your marketing content (which you should!), make sure to review these 12 tips before you start.


Social Media Today: 6 Reasons Your Blog Content Won’t Go Viral
Every brand, CMO, and social media manager wants his or her content to go viral – especially blog posts. Yet, few ever experience this phenomenon…and for a good reason. To increase your chances of getting more eyeballs on your blog content, click this link. While some of these tips may seem obvious, we see lots of companies missing these opportunities!


Market Watch: Best Summer Travel Apps for 2013
And finally, if you’re hitting the road this weekend, check out the best summer travel apps for 2013. Personally, we use Wi-Fi Finder constantly to seek out free Internet service wherever we are (must be connected at all times!).

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