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We talked a lot lately about our social media habits here at GFM and we recently wondered how our feelings on the medium compare to the Denver community at large. We’re lucky to have an office nestled right in the middle of Downtown Denver, affording us the opportunity to take to the streets to get a “pulse” on what Denverites are thinking on a variety of topics.

And what was the latest question we had on our minds that implored us to approach lunch-goers on a recent sunny afternoon in Denver? Social media uses and preferences. Check out our latest video blog and you’ll find out some surprising social media quirks from the new friends we met on our stroll through downtown. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to compare our man on the street interviews to our recent post analyzing the social media habits of a typical GFMer.

One resounding takeaway we learned from our time stopping strangers? Whether they’re right or not, people don’t feel like they’re addicted to social media. But I bet if you took it away from them for an extended period of time, those feelings might quickly change…

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