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We’ve been hearing rumblings that Facebook was planning on utilizing the hashtag functionality across their platforms sometime soon and it became reality this week when it was officially announced and activated. Not to be outdone, Twitter and Yelp also announced some new, intriguing updates.


Facebook Newsroom: Public Conversations on Facebook
If it wasn’t already, Facebook’s latest launch on the platform definitely makes the hashtag a nearly ubiquitous Internet utility. Hashtags will make it much easier to search and organize updates around specific topics, but will privacy settings keep it from being useful on Facebook?


The Verge: Yelp takes on Foursquare with new iOS discovery and recommendation features
Yelp and Foursquare may not be a large part of your brand’s content plan, but both platforms can drive a ton of traffic and, hopefully, sales to your retail locations. Yelp has made some big changes to their iPhone application to keep up with Foursquare’s focus on business listings, including a new Nearby tab and a revamped Events page.


Slate: Now Twitter Lets You See Which of Your Tweets People Are Actually Clicking
In a somewhat under-the-radar move, Twitter has now opened up their business analytics to all of its users, whether you advertise on the platform or not. It’s pretty interesting stuff, just don’t get too bummed out when it shows you how many followers you may have lost over the last month.

ABC News: On Twitter, Vine Surpasses Instagram
Vine is still the new kid on the social media block but the video-sharing platform is quickly gaining acceptance and traction. So much traction in fact that Vines are now being shared more on Twitter than Instagram images. It may be time for you brand to explore creating a channel of it’s own.

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PR Daily: The best—and worst—times to post to social media
The most important thing to remember when considering what times are best for posting content on your social media properties is that your community is unique and experimentation is the best way to discover what is ideal for your specific fans and followers. This infographic has some great suggestions for a wide-variety of social media platforms.

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